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Our Company

Magellan Stamps is a family run business established in 2016. We ourselves are active stamp collectors and have enjoyed philately for over thirty years.

As a business we strive to offer an excellent service, good quality items at a price that represents value for money. All items are priced according to condition at a fraction of catalogue value and we do not sell damaged or stamps in uncollectable condition. Please consider all mint items to be mounted mint unless otherwise stated.

We offer an unconditional 14 day returns guarantee on all items. There is no minimum order value and we offer free UK postage and packing on all orders over £20 and free Worldwide postage and packing on all orders over £30.

We stock stamps for most countries from 1840 to date in mint and used condition. Where possible we break sets to offer individual items to help collectors fill the gaps.

Our Inspiration

“You might as well start collecting stamps,” my Dad said to me one rainy morning on our first day of holiday in Newquay, Cornwall. Swimming in the sea with my new dinghy was clearly not an option.

He took me to the local John Menzies, a newsagent that was selling stamps at the time to get my first packets of stamps to be sorted and the first album to be filled in. By the end of the second week I had spent all my money that my grandparents gave me to spend on holiday treats.

Since that holiday thirty years ago I continued collecting different things such as vinyl records, coins, car models and books - just like my Dad. However collecting stamps has always been a big part of my life. Stamps are so intriguing with wonderful designs, engaging in history. Philately teaches us so much about unfamiliar topics, cultures, people’s history, geography and technology development.

I am sure every stamp collector has their own story but they would all probably agree that it doesn’t cost a lot to get started. On the same holiday I was collecting any stamp that I could get a hold of from the local newsagent. Later on I concentrated on collecting stamps from Great Britain. My Dad, on the other hand collected stamps from Germany because of the complex histories of the region. There are no rules for collecting, just collect what you like.

Please visit our Stamp Wiki pages ( where we continually publish practical information on stamp collecting, and check out our gifts section for something a little different.

Be an explorer and discoverer with ever changing and growing Magellan Stamps – start your journey today!

Sincerely Yours

Magellan Stamps Team