World Mixtures

World mixture bags are sent on 14 days home viewing with no obligation to purchase and no minimum spend.
Mixtures are suitable for the general collector and we can accommodate most single country requests.

Mixture bags offer excellent value and an excellent way to build your collection. They contain from 500 to 2000 stamps all priced the same i.e. 3p / 5p / 7p or 10p each. Take the stamps you like and return the rest with payment.


For example if you take 200 stamps at 5p each you can take a further 200 FREE and send payment of £10.00
​​​​​​​or for example if you only see 150 stamps you like you only send payment for 75 and keep the 150.

All mixtures contain quality stamps in good collectable condition, we do not include damaged or heavily cancelled items.

We strive to offer excellent customer service, good quality material and great value for money, if we don't please tell us and we will put it right.

Write or Contact Us with to request a NO OBLIGATION home selection of our world mixtures.

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